Custom To Watch lists

Infuse has a “Watching” list which contains a list of videos recently watched; so it contains a list of item you have watched, not necessarily what you want to watch.

I find that although this can be useful it doesn’t fulfill all the needs for what I would like on a “To watch” list:

  • The watching list only allows 15 entries, so if you watch more than 2 different series episodes a day then it does not contain all the entries for a week of watching; thus entries you want to watch are almost always not on the list because they have dropped off the list. [Quick fix: increase the number allowed on the list]
  • If you watch the last episode currently available for a season then the entry is removed from the list. This is not much use for seasons which you keep up to day on as you will always be watching the last available episode.

The recent Playlist feature allows you to create a list of individual episodes that you wish to play. While this is a great improvement, it really doesn’t work well when you want to track watching by Series/Season and not individual episodes.

The ability to add/remove a season to the “Watching” list is an improvement, but of limited use given the limitations of the Watching list mentioned above. The new Playlist feature works reasonable well for Movies but not great for a watch list for TV series due to the issue above.

What I would like is the ability to create “To Watch” lists which has some of the features of the “Watching” lists and some additional features:

  • The Ability to create multiple custom "To Watch" lists. I have series which I would like to watch which break down into:
    • Series/Seasons to keep right up to date as episodes become available.
    • Other Series/Seasons I am in the process of watching (usually when the above list is exhaused)
    • Series/Seasons that I indend to watch at some point
    .Being able to have theses on seperate lists would be ideal.
  • Allow entries to be manually added/removed.
  • The "To watch" list should be similar to the current "Watching" list in that it should present entries as a Series/Season and not like a Playlist of individual episodes. Each entry should also contain an indication of the progress through the entry similar to the current "Watching" list.
  • It would be nice to have the option to make entries that are fully watched to be hidden but should be unhidden when more episodes become available.
  • If a season is fully watched and the next season is available, bonus feature would be to replace the entry with the next season.

This would really make “Playlists” usable and much more robust.

Clean and functional, the goal for a feature!

We might be able to tie it into trakt lists eventually for those that use it.

It’d be a big leap better if it was a stand alone Infuse feature.

So many features now rely on having some other software to take advantage they’re useless features to those who don’t want to run a Plex server or other software just to get a feature. Even though trakt has been integrated into Infuse it’s still just another thing to keep up with.