Custom tags for TV Shows

I have several TV shows in ISO format and would like to know if custom tag’s will work for TV Shows. Bascially want Infuse to show “disc 1, disc 2” etc Thanks!

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I don’t think so … but go ahead and try it and let us know if I’m wrong!

Nope…doesnt work. @james any idea what can be used for TV Shows when they are ISO files as far as naming convention?

Tags are currently available for movies only, and since these are TV shows having them appear in the movies category may not be ideal. However, if you want to do this it can be done by using XML/NFO files to force them into the Movies category.

On a related note, full disc ISOs for TV shows are tricky since they will contain multiple episodes in a single file. There has been some interest in adding support for single files with multiple episodes, and this is currently planned for a future update.

@james I can create the NFO file by using Tiny Media Manager…but should the files reside under the main Movies folder or TV Shows folder? Also looking at the example in the link you provided, at the beginning and end of the NFO file it has “movie”. Guessing that would have to be edited manually since TMM would create a NFO as a TV Show? Any other hints you can provide to get the TV Show to show up under Movies? Do I need to direct Infuse to use the NFO file to scrape the show instead of TMDB?

UPDATE: Tried the NFO route and the show will not show up in the Movies library but will rather sit in the Others as unscraped.

i would love a “version selector” for individual tv episodes, in rare cases it would be very helpful (like sometimes adding bookends or trailers