Custom tags for media properties instead of using genres or folder names

Hi there,

I am currently using genres in the library or folders to allow me to select UHD, Dolby Vision, 3D, DVD, Bluray, HD DVD, etc content.

Now these are properties of the media and not the movie which is what the genre is supposed to be about. Many of my movies have 3 genres and when I add UHD and DV to the front I only get one genre visible in the UI if I’m lucky since a limited number of genres get displayed in the movie information page.

I suggest we have tags which can be used to filter movies.

Since they are properties of the media in many cases they could be denoted by logos since many of them are already trademarked or have a logo
e.g. UHD has a logo as does Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Bluray, DVD, 3D

They could be discovered from the media but better would be the ability to assign them since a lot of media is transformed and is a proxy for a disc.
I have many discs but only rip the movie, single soundtrack and single subtitle but the disc has much more.

I use DVD profiler to catalog my collection and it has custom tags. I use these to filter searches.
Tags such as: Dolby Vision, UHD, 3D, Audio Objects, Upscaled, Native, etc

Then for a search of Native UHD with 3D Audio I just select 3 tags with an implied AND operator would get me what I want.
If you could also select whether it is an AND or an OR operator it would be extremely useful while still being a simple interface with a bunch of checkboxes.



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