Custom Sort Order for Folders

Firecore team, I would my Folders to have different sort orders.
For Example Movies folder sorted by date & the TV shows folder sorted by Filename.
If not Custom Sort Order is specified the Global sort order is applied.

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You can do those sorts now. For the movie by release date go to “Library” > “Movies” > Long press on “By Release Date” and then select “Add to Favorites”

That will add a favorite folder on the home screen that displays your movies by release date.

For The TV shows go to “Library” > “TV Shows” and long press on “All TV Shows” then select “Add to Favorites” that will give you a favorite folder on the home screen that displays all of your TV shows by name.

How about a custom sort for a folder within the movie folder? As an example, I have a folder for Marvel Movies. I only want that folder sorted by release date and the other movies by default. I don’t want to add a favourite for Marvel on my home screen. Just my own custom folders (Marvel, James Bond etc.). So when you open the Movies folder, the embedded folders are custom sorted.

People asked for this many times this with no reaction, still no option to change folder to list mode per FOLDER and to sort.

This is one of the standard option in all file manager I don’t get this … really i don’t get.