Custom Other Library Subcategories

Currently within the library there are subcategories for Movies and TV Shows but not for Other. Am I able to create subcategories (e.g. genre, watched, recently added etc) for the Other library?

I have a bunch of videos in the Other library which have metadata tags (that show up fine in Infuse) but I can’t seem to leverage these to filter in the Library view for use in a List on the home screen.

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Are these home movies or some other video that wouldn’t be in TMDB or TVDB? Just trying to figure out why their in “Other”.
If their normal movies or tv shows maybe you can rename the files to get them into the TV or Movie category and then you’ll have those sort options.

Hi @NC_Bullseye These are home movies that aren’t in TMDB or TVDB. I want them to remain in Other.

I see, currently Infuse doesn’t offer that feature but feel free to submit it in the Suggestions forum for others to add their support to here. :smile:

Thanks @NC_Bullseye. I have created this suggestion and others who find this can track it here.

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