Custom order of lists

it would be great to set the order of the lists by myself.

for example if i would like to have the list „recently added movies“ at the very bottom and not on top. so every user should set the order of the lists by itself.

or is this function already there and i missed it?


This is not yet available, but is planned for an upcoming version.

Glad It wasn’t just myself trying to find a why to better sort the list (Release Date(per metadate)/Name - update/down), thought I just couldn’t find it (lol)

The home screen for me is where i would like to see some improvements with customisation. I’d like to just have the pictures for the favourites and like the option to put newly added or none at all in the order i want it.

When is this functionality slated for James roughly?

We’re currently planning to have this available in the 6.2.x series, which will likely be available after the release of iOS 13.

James, do you have an overview of what you are planning for this release?

Was looking at infuse last night and what would be cool for me would be to have the option to show the various shelf’s on/off, and also the favourite buttons a bit bigger and not in a row rather boxes on the screen in a few rows of 3?

If you can switch on/off, and make the buttons scaleable, should satisfy everyone?

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