Custom metadata xml file for tv series

My first post on this forum, and first of all I want to say that Infuse is an amazing app! I use it on my Apple TV4, iPad and iPhone and I’m very impressed about its intuivity, features and looks.

I’m experimenting with adding custom metadata in XML files for tv series that Infuse can’t find.

I have a BBC series, Folk Britannia, that consists of 3 episodes, which cannot be found in the tv show database Infuse uses.

My goal is the following: the series must be shown in Infuse as one item and it should show separate metadata for each episode.

I created three xml files, this is one of them:

Folk Britannia 1 BBC Ballads and Blues Focuses on early collecting of British folk music, the influence of American folk music on the English folk music scene, the Ballads and Blues Club which became Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger's Singers Club, and Skiffle. 2006 Music Documentary

The file name is Folk Britannia E01.avi and the xml file is named Folk Britannia E01.xml.

Infuse picks up the metadata xml files, but the three episodes are not shown as part of one tv series, they are shown separately. It seems that the and tags are ignored.

Any idea?


make sure you have the right name structure. So the first folder could be Folk Britannia. The inside the folder make a folder season 1 and put your files in there. Make sure you name them Folk Britannia S01E01.mkv and the second one Folk Britannia S01E02.mkv The MKV part depends on the files you own off course. :wink: You can use a XML file as you describe and name it the same. Place a folder.jpg in the season 1 map to show the folder picture. For the structure of the xml file see AppleTV 2 - Media Player For aTV Flash (Black) 1.0 Four Main Features With details - YouTube
I wish you luck.