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I just tried to fix the last metadata issues in my library. There are some movies that don’t have tmdb entries, to be more precise tmdb does not allow entries for fan-edits. I wanted to create custom .nfo files according to the metadata 101 guide. I used tinymediamanager and managed to get an nfo that I thought should work. In Infuse on the ATV I selected the nfo after clicking on edit metadata. Now the movie moved to the „Other“ category and most of the stuff I put in the nfo is missing, only the title seems to have worked, not the greatest success all in all.

Did I miss anything? Can I somehow movie the movie back to the proper movie category instead of „other“? Is it still possible to create nfos with tinymediamanager that infuse can read properly?

Does IMDB have an entry for the movies you’re working with? If so you can use IMDB number instead of the TMDB ID.

Edit to add, did you enter all of the data in the NFO file as in the sample on the users guide? It can be finicky sometimes with missing fields.

I‘ve never seen entries for fan-edits on IMDb, I’d be surprised if their policy was any different from tmdb. I did a quick search and as expected it is not on imdb either. The thing is it was on tmdb recently but got deleted eventually…

Maybe if you can post the nfo file it may help figure out what’s going on.

That would be nice, here is the file.
The Hobbit (Extended Edition) - M4 Book Edit.nfo (21.4 KB)

Was missing the closing </movie> tag.

This file should work.

The Hobbit (Extended Edition) - M4 Book Edit.nfo (21.4 KB)


Thanks a lot, now it works flawlessly!


Dang, that’s what I was wondering but got called out for a “honey do” before I could check. LOL

Thanks James and @Sil3nc3 glad you’re back in operation. :+1:

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