Custom Metadata Tags

It would be helpful if we could add additional metadata tags to the metadata XML file that show up when you load a movie. This would be helpful for helping to add information to home movies, such as Location, Date, etc. It wouldn’t need to be searchable at the moment, but that would be a nice additional feature. In my head, I was thinking something like this:

< custom name=“Location” type=“Text”>At the Lake House< /custom>
< custom name=“Recorded on” type=“Date”>01/01/2017< /custom>
< custom name=“Topics Covered” type=“List” type=“bullet”>
< item>Calculus< /item>
< item>Differential Equations< /item>
< item>Statistics< /item>
< item>Turtles< /item>
< /custom>
< custom name=“Animals Featured” type=“List” type=“comma”>
< item>Dog< /item>
< item>Cat< /item>
< item>Duck< /item>
< item>Phelddagrif< /item>
< /custom>

(Had to add a space after the ‘<’ so it would treat it as text)

I don’t think you would need more than that at the moment. Maybe the format for the date entered. And each item in the list could just be a bullet.