Custom Metadata for TV Shows Not Working


I am able to successfully import custom metadata for posters and backgrounds/landscapes for movies, but unable to do so for TV shows.

I have two shares - one via Plex and one via FTP. Prefer the latter due to faster streaming speeds. With the FTP share, as noted above, I am unable to get custom metadata for posters/landscapes/backgrounds for seasons or the series itself (not trying to change metadata for individual episodes). For example, for the one season 2021 BBC show The Serpent, I have the following set up:

The Serpent [add series poster/landscape right below here?]

Season 1 [add season poster/landscape right below here?]

The Serpent - s01e01

I’ve tried the various naming conventions listed here: Metadata 101 – Firecore

Any thoughts? Into which folders would I add posters/backgrounds for the series and for the season (or for multiple seasons in the case of multi-season series).



How are you naming the graphics files for the shows, episodes, and fanart?

Thanks for your super quick reply NC_Bullseye. See screenshot I took. Open to other naming conventions if you have any thoughts.


You’re close, where the users guide says
Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

the “seriesname” before the slash is showing the folder where you have the season folder in, then you put the artwork named “season 1-poster.jpg” inside the series folder so you’ll have a “Season 1” folder and then a “season 1-poster.jpg” right after. Just remove the “The Serpent/” from the first part.

It should look something like this. I used the very creative TV show name of “Artificial TV Show” so just imagine it being “The Serpent” instead. :clown_face:

I also always “01” for season instead of just “1” for personal preference just remember the graphic file just has to match which ever one you use.

Thank you! Very helpful. I just tried this. the one that has fanart in the name is the landscape version and the other is the portrait version. It is still not working. Those custom images are not showing up in the app. I have embedded metadata and metadata fetching on.

Do you think I need to delete all metadata within the app? Nervous to do that as I am not sure what impact that will have elsewhere within the app.

Maybe none of this will matter in Infuse 7.0?!!! Can’t wait for infuse 7.0 to be rolled out and see more an Apple TV TV app U/I!!

First, turn off embedded metadata in settings. That’s addressing metadata that is actually included in the video file. See if that helps.

You still have the season poster in the wrong folder. It needs to be in the main folder named “The Serpant” not inside of the season 1 folder. Second, fan art should be labeled “fanart.jpg” not “The Serpant-fanart.jpg”. It too should be placed in the folder “The Serpent” like the season posters. The second fanart jpg you have is not even inside the series folder so it won’t be seen. See if that helps some.

Also if you’re going to use the name season 01-poster.jpg" you should have the folder for season 1 named “Season 01”.

For the names you currently have on the season folders the poster should be named “season 1-poster.jpg”.

This is what you should end up with.

Hi NC_Bulleseye,

Firstly, let me thank you for your incredible help and time here. I really appreciate it. I have managed to get the custom metadata/artwork i want in landscape view under the watching section (on the home screen), However, the default poster images from TVDB or wherever Infuse collects metadata are still showing. See attached naming convention/format as well screen shots of my apple tv (showing the one place it has worked and the three places it has not). I’ve taken up way too much of your time and can live with accessing TV shows via Plex (where I am able to get the results I want).

Unless you have any additional thoughts (including any errors I am still making), we can close this out!

Thank you again!

You still have the season 1-poster.jpg inside the season 1 folder it needs to not be inside the season folder, it needs to be inside the “The Serpent” folder. You have it one level too deep.

I think I see what you’re after. Try also taking the poster you want to show for the series (portrait orientation) and label it “folder.jpg” and place it in the “The Serpent” folder.

Remember, you have fan art that is landscape and shows in the “watching” list, you have the series poster that shows when browsing the library or favorite, and you have a season poster that shows for each season inside the series folder and is often different from the series poster with the season number usually referenced on it somewhere.

That being said, with Infuse changing to TMDB soon for the TV series artwork and metadata it’s going to be interesting! LOL

Glad to help, I’ve been working on a few tedious projects and I leave the forum open so I can take a break now and then. Again I’m happy to help. :wink:

Thank you! i am going to give this another shot! Your generosity is much appreciated! Regarding TMDB, I’ve found it is pretty decent for TV show metadata, but perhaps not as much as TVDB. However, if it messes things up, we always have Plex server as a back-up for TV shows on our NAS devices. That’s what I am doing now. Using the Plex share for TV shows and a FTP share for movies/documentaries.


Here is the config I did it. I am going to replicate this for multi-season shows I have as well. I am thinking “folder.jpg” is the portrait poster for the entire series, “fanart.jpg” is the landscape view for the entire series and I can have different posters for different seasons using “season 2-poster.jpg” and so forth.

Screenshot 2021-03-28 at 6.00.39 PM|690x431

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FIRECORE should upload your instructions to their metadata 101 page and replace the examples they have:):slight_smile: seriously.

Heck no, that’d put me out of a pass time! LOL

Glad it’s working for you now. :+1:

P.S. I think you can delete the season 1 poster you have inside the season 1 folder. :wink:

Ha! Ha! Thanks! I am feeling bold enough to take you PS suggestion!! Will make for less clutter for sure. Hope all of this remains unchanged when we move to Infuse 7.0. I would think the move to getting metadata from TMDB shouldn’t impact custom metadata set-ups.

I’m not privy to details but I’d be surprised if it did change so your changes should be good to go. At least that would be my guess.

Fingers crossed! Thanks for all of your incredible help yesterday!

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