Custom libraries

Hello. I’ve been using infuse since the first version. The progress made till now is amazing. I have to say though that for a home theater app has many drawbacks. The customization of the libraries is one of them. I am using Plex as a media server and I have all mu content separate in libraries so I can easily find it. Now with infuse I have to put all my videos (personal or movies in one folder). Is there any plans to implement that feature?

Infuse has the ability to group files from multiple sources/folders into a single view. You can then create favorites from the grouped files through the Library, which gives you quick access to certain things right on the home screen. For example, you could have a favorite unwatched movies, or for movies tagged as kids, or for recently added TV shows. In short, any Library category can be added as a favorite - just long-press on one and give it a name.

Thanks for the answer James. It’s more convenient to create libraries targeting my own folders than creating favorites based on automatic movies tagging. For example I have all my animation movies in one folder and I want to link it with a library. Or all the foreign audio movies on different folders as well. Is there any plans to implement this feature? Thanks

This is already available, you add each folder as a Library as you add your file sources.
Instead of adding one top folder you add each of your sub folders.

Maybe there is something I miss then. When I am doing that all my video files (independently if they are movies or personal videos) are grouped inside the movies library. What I am asking is a Plex like library were I can create my own libraries for everything I want. If this is possible to infuse then it would be appreciated if I had some detailed instructions on how I can do it. I would like to use infuse instead of Plex because of the internal player. With infuse the server doesn’t need to transcode my files while with Plex it does. Also it would be a nice addition if infuse could act as a plex client. Thanks

In my setup I have my video’s organised on my file server similar to what i believe you have.
Media library (on my NAS sharing using NFS)
-Swedish Movies
-Subtitled Movies
-English Movies
-Family video

  • Movies are organised in subfolders to manage metadata, custom artwork and subtitles etc.
  • Collections are placed in a Folder, then the movie folders, according to my liking and not any database and I get to chose the artwork by placing it in the folder as well .
  • Shows are organised with a folder for each show, and subfolders for each season.
  • Private/Family videos I organise in a mix of the above depending of how I wish them to look, I need to build my own meta-data nfo-files though.

These folder are shown by default on the home screen. As you navigate into these, any folder holding additional folders will be shown as a folder icon (or with artwork if you placed artwork in the folder). As you navigate into these any movies in subfolders will be showed, as a simple collection or grouping.

If you use the Infuse Library function on the home screen, far right, choosing Movies will combine all your movies, independent from were they where added (Swedish, English, Subtitled as above). Now you can find/sort these by genre, year, unwatched, new-status etc. but not by source/folder. This is done using the collected Meta-data so collections etc will follow what is scraped from the database and not how you organised your files.

-Good or bad? this works great for me!

You probably have some sorting that you use more frequently, then you can make a “shortcut” of this one to your home screen.

I have the following shortcuts on my home screen: New Shows, New Movies, Unwatched Movies and my Source libraries. I have removed the name on the shortcuts and added my own artwork ( [Showcase] Favorite icon artwork ).

I hope this helps…