Custom genre

Is it possible to have a custom genre called christmas. Or home videos or something of that nature so that I can easily jump to Christmas movies or home movies? Or am I stuck with the standard list of genres that it comes with?


In short, yes this is possible. The genres list will be created from the genres listed in your actual files, or what TheMovieDB lists for the files you have.

You can most definitely create your own genres, but it would require adding a genre flag to the file itself (using something like MetaX) or overriding metadata with an XML file (

Oh that’s great news!  So now the next question is if I want to go the route of using xml files, is there a utility that will let me search for a movie and generate the xml file from imdb or thdb rather than copying and pasting into an xml file manually?

Also, do all tags need to be present?  Or can it just contain the genre tags, and pull the rest of the data from the built in scraper?

Correct. You can simply add an XML file with the genre tags you’d like to use, and the other info will be downloaded from The Movie DB as usual.

Note: The genres specified in the XML file will override those downloaded from The Movie DB, so be sure to list all the genres you want the file to have.

Here’s a sample XML file that shows how this would work. Just be sure the XML file has the exact same name as the video file (E.G. The Dark Knight.avi and The Dark Knight.xml). Also, you’ll need to reload metadata (as described in the guide above) in order for the XML file metadata to take effect.

oh that’s perfect!  thank you!  i will give it a shot.


Curious if this has become easier to do since this thread was created six years ago. I have several Christmas movies that I’d like to group into one folder or list. Same with Halloween movies.