Custom Folder artwork getting overwritten

I just notice that the “folder.jpg” on all my TV shows and Movies are getting overwritten with it’s own artwork from the source. That never use to happen, when was this added? So is there a way to disable that automatic fetching? Because I enjoy putting my own cover in it.

I believe that if you browse via your favorites your custom artwork for folders will show. If you browse via the “Library” I believe that it will show the downloaded art.

It still shows it in favorites. I think I remember seeing that it loaded up my custom artwork in favorites, but right after I closed the app and opened it up again it overwrites it and shows the source artwork.

For TV shows, there is actually a different image override structure you will want to follow. This will allow you to add your own artwork for the series, season, etc…

More info on this can be found here.

I think I tried them already before and it didn’t work or I think i’m just doing something wrong.

I also found a person with the same problem i’m talking about.

I think I found out a work around this. You will need to add invalid characters that can be accepted for the folder name so Infuse won’t be able to find the artwork from the source and because of that it’ll just use the “folder.jpg/png” artwork you added. It’s still gonna be able to find the metadata for each episodes because the video file is still named properly.

Changing folder like this: ~ The Big Bang Theory ~ or + The Big Bang Theory + or # The Big Bang Theory #
Something like that ^

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