Custom Firmware loaded on JB ATV2? Is it possible?


I am not a newbie on JB iPhone, but I am for the ATV2. 

I have couple brandnew 4.0. Let assume I use old software to JB the 4.0, can I find custom firmware for ATV at 4.4.4 and load into the already JB 4.0 to “update” the FW to 4.4.4, same method like we do for iPhone?


Up for answer. Does anyone know if this is doable?


Apple stopped signing older firmware, you will need to use this method to jailbreak.


So no you cannot find customer firmware, you need to make it for each device, whatever you do don’t update to 5.0!



I think you mistunderstood my question. For iPhone, if the phone is JB, you can load a custom FW at higher FW version. This bypass the iTunes FW signing.

Basically this is a way to update the FW without restore back to stock one then re-jailbreak it.

Yes, I am aware the method to JB after Apple stop signing. I actually did JB my ATV 4.4.4 using that method.

My question is that can we load a custom FW 4.4.4 (if there is floating around) to an already Jailbroken ATV.



I understand now but if it is already Jailbroken why jailbreak it again?

simply update the FW.


so update to latest:)

Tell me how I update my 4.0 to 4.4.4 with Jaibroken feature? This is why I ask if the custom FW work with ATV like iPhone.


Follow the link I posted above and you will be at 4.4.4 jailbroken

Yes, I am aware of that link. Problem is that my ATV is at 4.0, you just can’t select the 4.4.4 FW when making the custom FW.

What I am  trying to do here is JB my unit at 4.0, the find a custom FW at 4.4.4, then load it to the ATV to update FW to 4.4.4



What is the point in Jailbreaking it twice?

Follow the link it will create a signed and jailbroken ipsw at 4.4.4 for your apple tv.

Take that signed and jailbroken ipsw at 4.4.4 and do a shift restore in iTunes to your
Apple TV at 4.0 and it will be jailbroken to 4.4.4.

I think you are making this more complicated than what it needs to be and
Confusing as hell.

Follow the link.

It does not work. 

  1. The signed that iFaith created is at 4.1

  2. The one SeasonPass ccreated is at 4.4.4

  3. Try to copy and paste 2 files from SeasonPass to iFaith using TotalCommander, they are not the same due to the FW mismatch.


So what I think is the step 2 above, I need use 4.1 instead. 

If that’s the case and works, my ATV will be JB at 4.1 right, not 4.4.4???

My apology for the confusion.

In short, I want to jailbreak my ATV 4.1, bring it up to 4.4.4 jailbroken.



Ok this is what you want to do.


Pay attention to step 3 right click and choose your firmware version 4.1


  1. Use SEAS0NPASS (version, new version will not work) to build custom firmware -right mouse click on ‘‘create ipsw’’ and choose your version -(with device still unplugged) BUT DO NOT USE IT to jailbreak. Let it sit down in yours My documents>seasonpass

This is exactly what I thought, still doing this, my ATV2 will be jailbroken at 4.1, not 4.4.4 right?

Again, your help is appreciated. If this is darn too complicated than it should be, I have no problem waiting for the 5.1 JB though…:slight_smile:





It seems at this point you can only Jailbreak to the version of Blobs you have which is version 4.1

4.1 is not an option in seasonpass


OMG read Step 3 again

read it. still dont see where your getting at with this. there is no 4.1 (8M89)  it starts with 4.2.1. OMG dont be a jerk.

The guy is correct. Seasonpass does not have option 4.1


Are you guys serious???  

What the Hell is this than??

Unless I am seeing things I do see 4.1 (8M89) in that list!!

Who’s being a jerk, just read!!   Holy Frig