Custom Favorite Folder Icon

I’ve been trying to change my “Favorite” folder icons within the Apple TV app, following instructions that I have found throughout these forums. I’ve changed the file name to favorite-atv.png, folder.png, TV shows.png, etc. But nothing seems to work. I can never SEE the images in my share to be able to select it.

Is it possible that the problem is that it is a PLEX share, not SMB? Is there an updated guidance with Infuse 7.3? All of the guides are from years ago.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. This simple task is evading me and driving me nuts today!

Many thanks in advance!

Are you referring to this users guide?

If so, it was just updated 2 days ago and most users guides are kept current. :wink:

You don’t have to name the graphic a specific name, you have to long press on the favorite and then browse to where you have your artwork and then selelct it.

Thank you VERY much for the quick reply.
Indeed that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. But no matter what I name the file, I can never SEE the image file within the shared files - only the video files within the folder. Any thoughts?

What file type are your art files? jpg, png, etc.

I’ve tried them both. png and jpg

And when you long press the favorite, you’re getting this?

And then you’re selecting “Select Artwork”?

When you do that you’ll need to navigate to the directory where your artwork files are and then select it.

:grinning:Thank you. Indeed that’s what I do. But when I navigate to the file with the images, I don’t see the image files. Only video files…
I’ve changed file names (I see now that it no longer matters), I’ve tried putting them in different folders, tried PNG and PDF. They just aren’t visible.

Does it matter that it is a PLEX share? And not a direct SMB share?

I’m don’t know for sure if it being a Plex share matters, I don’t use Plex so I can’t try it. On your artwork files, do they show the jpg or png in the file name like “artwork.jpg” or “artwork.png”? I know some systems don’t display the file type and that may also be throwing it off.

What type of machine is your plex server running on?

In fact, that was one of the things I made sure of - that PNG and JPG were in the filename.

My Plex server is running on a MacMini. Everything works wonderfully. Just this little tiny detail that I started today… and it just DOESN’T show up. Makes me crazy!

I appreciate your patience with this. I think I may have to give up :wink:

Thanks for the help!

Since you have the mini there why not try setting up an SMB share to it and let Infuse do the metadata handling and then you could also see if the favorite is specific to non plex shares also?

If it’s a small library it should be just a few minutes to try it out. :wink:

You can always delete the smb share if it’s not what you’re looking for.

Thanks Bullseye! I might do just that! If I get anywhere, I’ll advise.

Much appreciated.

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Did it work for you? I only have a Plex share and it doesn’t show the files no matter which format I put it in

Not showing up on Jellyfin Share either.

Infuse won’t be able to recognize image files placed inside favorites from Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex, but you can long-press on a Favorite icon and use the Select Artwork option to browse for and select artwork manually.

Note: Using the Select Artwork option will require a direct share (SMB, NFS, FTP, WebDAV, or cloud service) to be added as Infuse is not able to access picture files from media servers like Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex.

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Got it to work with SMB share. On a side note, can you reorder favorites?

Hi james.

I use the direct mode with Plex and I want to change the gray folder icon for each library’s. I have checked this guide, but I don’t find a way to transform it in favorite and/or change the artwork in anyway.

It’s me or it’s something that it’s not possible?

Thank you!

This may help shed some light on your question.

Hi Bullseye

It’s exactly what I’m trying, but when I do a long press, nothing appends.

I don’t have the option that appears… So no « Change artwork » one … :frowning:

Do you have a “non-media server” connection where you can have artwork along with the direct mode server?