Custom Description of Home Videos


I have 15 videos of a health congress week and want to add a custom description of these video recordings.

I can’t find the instructions in the User Guides anymore and I know that this is possible somehow.

It did not work so well at the time, but I would like to try again.

I don’t know yet if I should edit the videos as a series or a movie.

Actually it is a video series, but if this works for home videos is the question and how I should name the titles of the files.

Maybe it is better to edit it as a Movie…?

I ask for the instructions and for advice.

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I’d suggest treating them each as a movie and giving them names like “Health Congress Part A.mkv, Health Congress Part B.mkv, etc” then using the xml file sample in the users guide here

to create a file for each. You could even do the custom artwork for each by naming the posters as stipulated in the above Users Guide. For example name the poster you want for the first one “Health Congress Part A.jpg” and so on.

Tag 1-1 Dr. Alexander Hierl.xml (975 Bytes)

Thanks @NC_Bullseye

What mistakes did I make in the file because it is not taken over?

In Infuse on Apple TV, I clicked “edit” on the movie and selected the XML file instead of embedded metadata.

Nevertheless it did not work.

What do I have to pay attention to when editing the XML file?

You may have some characters in the file name and in the xml file that are confusing for the system and Infuse. Characters like the ampersand “&” can cause problems at times.

Instead of “Stress & Relax Festival Tag 1-1 Dr. Alexander Hierl”
Try changing the file name and the xml file “title” to
“Stress And Relax Festival Tag 1-1 Dr Alexander Hierl”

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Now it has worked! Thanks, @NC_Bullseye !

Outstanding! Let me know how the rest goes. :wink: