Custom cover art, secondary language option, custom sort order

Over the past 15 years I went from XBMC to PLEX and most recently I’ve settled on Infuse as the best for my current setup! Works flawlessly but I have a couple of features which would make it perfect for me:

  1. Ability to select album art for movies and tv shows similar to the favourite icon change

  2. Ability to change the sort order between ascending and descending. This is ideal for my MCU collection where I would like to list from oldest to newest movie. Also it would be great if the sort order (by movie name or release date) and view (list view on or off) can be changed and saved for different content/favourite lists.

  3. Language (audio and subtitles) can have a primary and secondary language preference.

Thanks and keep up the good work ??


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For artwork you can place your own, there’s a guide here Metadata 101 – Firecore that shows how to replace both TV and Movie artwork with your choices in the library. Look for “Overriding TV series, season, and episode artwork” and movies can be addressed by naming the artwork the same as the movie but with the jpg or png extension as shown in the first section.

Thank you for the response. I actually thought of that after I posted my first post on this forum ?
Got it to work without having to rename the image file either. Still think it would be good if this can be done within the app similar to the way the favourite icons are customised however it’s not urgent now that there’s another way to do it.

Thanks once again.

Did you used Plex and now use Infuse without Plex OR are you using Infuse as Player, but using Plex share ?
If the later, then simply use Plex to change artwork :slight_smile:

I have completely stopped using Plex. The best thing about Plex is the ability to remote play but I realised that I hardly use this feature and prefer the no transcoding requirement of infuse. Just play the files directly from my nas but with a nice interface and metadata and so far it’s working great. Hopefully with more features added it will be the best player for what I need. ?

You can get the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

Use Plex to maintain the Metadata and Infuse as the Player. You need to include the Plex Library via Plex Share in Infuse. Infuse will direct play everything. No Transcoding and Metadata incl. Artwork can be maintained via Plex Web Interface.

And then you are managing two apps instead of one and hoping that changes and updates in one don’t trash the other from now on. There are always two sides of every coin. :wink:

I actually set Infuse up originally to do exactly that but I still found that it was using up resources on my Plex server whenever I played a movie via the Plex library. In comparison playing directly from my NAS via SMB protocol has worked best for me so far.

Are you saying there is a way to configure this so that I can bypass Plex for the media file and only utilise the other features such as its metadata?

I totally second the language suggestion, which should work on Plex libraries as well.

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This is how I have Infuse setup. I use Plex as the metadata source and play everything through Infuse. I have not had one single problem with this set up. I have automatic updates on my Plex box turned on, so the server stays up to date without me having to do anything at all. Only time I even think about Plex is when I add media. One thing I absolutely can’t wait for is 6.1 and the inclusion of Plex Collections. I have spent HOURS creating custom Collections and it sucks to not be able to use those while in Infuse, but the superior player of Infuse is the way to go. It might just be me, but Infuse video looks better and sound better than the Plex client on Apple TV.

Me vote to able select more movie cover from net.

I second that vote, there needs to be an option for us to simply do it within the app and not have to rename and place cover art in the same album as the movies, I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of movies and not really in the mood to do that. Also I tried with the Harry Potter movies as those are only a few, but apparently I’m doing it wrong cause it didn’t work.
Why not add a button for us to use so we can select the artwork we like