Custom Collections?

I read a post from about 3 years back that mentioned the possibility of introducing the ability to customise collections in future updates to infuse, has this been introduced? I can only see the possibility of collections through TheMovieDatabase, but these collections aren’t what I really like. For example, I’d maybe like an MCU collection, as opposed to the current set up which is separate collections for Iron Man, Thor, Captain America etc.

I was thinking about doing a custom “Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection” folder in the storage device where I keep my films, put a .jpeg for custom artwork in there, and have the films in there too. Would that work? As in, would it be able to be allocated to the “Collections” list, or wouldn’t it be recognised as a separate entity? Obviously, if it’s the latter, I probably wouldn’t bother, but input would be appreciated.

I’m using Infuse 6 Pro on an Apple TV 4k

There’s a thread already running in suggestions for this that you can add your support to here Customizable collections