Custom Collections Strange Selector Movement

Hi, I created some custom Collections. But if you tap on a element in the collection, the selector (the orange frame) which indicates the selected element jumps around. The information show is always the element I tap on, but the selector jumps to an other element.

I recorded a clip to show what’s happening.

Are you on iOS 16?

no, still on the current official version 15.6.

But I just tested this on tvOS and there it is the same.
If I navigate with the remote to an element and wait for a second, then the focus jumps to a different element, and the metadata of that other element is displayed.

there must also be a problem with the metadata. Some elements in a custom collection are displayed with their original title and some with the (in my case) german titles.

these behaviours only occur with custom collections. the collections from tmdb are working normal.

I also miss a option to sort elements in a custom collection by release date in ascending order, which is default for the tmdb collections.

Does this happen with other collections (custom or TMDB) or just this one?

Can you send in a report from your devices (and post the codes here)?

here are the codes:
iPad: NV0ZZ
Apple TV: Y11EK

The problem only occurs with custom collections. tmdb collections behave normal, I tested it with the James Bond Collection which has a lot entries.

For the metadata problem you can have a look at a Tom & Jerry Short.

The Filename is “Tom und ich bei Robin Hood (1958).mkv”
The movie is found on TMDB here:
If I use “edit metadata” Infuse findes the movie on TMDB an displays the german title. But afterwards Infuse shows the original title.