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Hi all. I sincerely apologize if this was discussed or answered elsewhere. I did a search and found some collection artwork questions but it all seemed to be directed at the TMDB art on movie collections and not custom that we can group.

I am just wondering if it is possible and I am missing something or if I need to suggest as a feature to have a custom poster art for a collection I make instead of the tiled default of the contents of the collection.


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I think this thread is probably the best one to track and like

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Yeah but that one is referring to movie collections pulling artwork from TMDB which has multiple art for movie collections. I am talking about custom collections that just tile the contents.

So you want a tiled poster for your custom collection with you picking the posters that are tiled together?

Sounds like I pointed you to the right thread. The original post with the suggestion doesn’t say anything about TMDb.

This is different than what you originally said. Maybe show a picture of what you are thinking.

I think OP was referring to how currently custom collection posters are made (by Infuse) from an ugly tiling of the first four collection items’ posters. Obviously we want to set and utilize our own collection posters; and boy, how that wasn’t anticipated when this feature was added boggles my mind a bit.


I just mean on the custom collection I would like to choose the poster art. So for example I have a Star Wars custom collection with all the movies and shows. Instead of a tiled cover art, I would like to choose a custom poster art Star Wars themed.

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The post you referenced clearly does make reference to TMDB. Specifically the second one. In that thread. Custom collections didn’t t come out until 7.4. That thread started in 2017 and the second post is from 2021 referring to movie collections.

Regardless, of where the collections came from, I still think that’s probably the best suggestion to follow. Unless the moderators have a better idea.

When this feature is implemented, it will likely be available for both TMDB and custom collections - so the thread linked above is the best one to follow. :slight_smile:


I get what you are saying. I wasn’t trying to be argumentative or anything. I just didn’t know if it would confusing or not to keep them together. But per James post and looking more at what you are saying, I guess it would make more sense since this would be something potentially implemented at the same time. Thanks again all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To provide some clarity here. My contribution refers to self-created covers and not from TMDB. :wink:


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