Custom Collections changes keep reverting


I have created a number of custom collections for one thing or another. They are syncing via iCloud.

The problem I am having is that they keep resetting changes I have made - e.g., I belatedly add another show to a collection, and the next time I look at the list, it is gone. Or, I delete an entire collection, and it comes back again on next sync.

I have a sneaking suspicion it is because I have a whole bunch of different devices (three Apple TVs, an iPad, an iPhone, and a Mac), and they keep clobbering each other’s changes - I make a change on the iPad, it syncs, but then the next time I load up an Apple TV, its status overrides it. Maybe that assessment is incorrect though.

You are not alone is seeing this behaviour …. I have seen it and my suspicions have been the same as you about the cause. I only have 3 ATVs and an iPad.

I have seen the same issue with playlists, as well as custom collections.

Yes, also seeing this with the watchlist and playlist and watched items

I’m guessing this is going to be a icloud sync thing. iCloud sync has been real inconvenient since the background sync broke.

I’ve settled on a routine now that when ever I use Infuse before I watch anything I go to the Library screen and wait for iCloud to finish a sync (this brings in any changes that are on iCloud) and after the last video I watch at that time I go to the library screen and wait till it completes an iCloud sync again (this ensures that any watch status changes are updated in iCloud).

This works for me but really is a pain.

With out doing this ritual I had the same issues with watchlists and different devices being changed incorrectly with content and watched status.

Maybe this will help bring the work on iCloud sync and background sync back into the more critical development fixes. :crossed_fingers:

I also encountered this, I created a topic about this problem, but did not receive an answer. Lost many hours of work when changes to Collections and Playlists were reset after synchronization. I decided as follows. I make all the important changes that I don’t want to lose on the Apple TV, since there is a button to force a backup. I do my work, click Save Backup, and leave the Apple TV on for two hours (depending on the size of the library, maybe more). Once synchronization is complete, you can launch Infuse on other devices. If the old version is downloaded, then on the device where the changes were made, click Restore backup. You may have to delete all Infuse applications except the main one on one Apple TV, and delete the copy of the data in iCloud. The library will remain on the main Apple TV device, but your viewing history may be lost (what you watched will be marked as unwatched). In general, my main advice is that all important changes in the library (creating and changing Playlists and Collections) should be done on the Apple TV, but not on the iPhone or iPad. Metadata can be changed anywhere.