Custom collection for 3d

Is there an option to automatically create a custom collection, which is carrying all 3D movies?
Actually, I don’t find , how to create a custom collection at all.
I was trying to find how that works, but all searching for “custom collection” or “create …” wasn’t successful.
Just found, that it works, but not how.
Many thx :slight_smile:

Ok, I found, how to create a collection.
So I created a 3d collection, and fo7nd this collection in the collection folder.
Well ok. I thought it could have its own collection folder on the main page.
But then, would I need to add each 3d movie manually to this collection?
I thought this could be done automatically, like in ….

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Ok, I found how to pin the 3d collection to the Home Screen.
But now, it is not a folder with all the 3d movies, and even more, can this be done automatically?