Custom collection and playlists

I have been using Infuse for quite some time now and was thrilled to see custom collections. I immediately created 1 for the MCU and added all 30-something items. Of course, like playlists, it all disappeared. I had also deleted my playlists after converting them into a Custom Collection, but today when I fired up infuse, all that work was undone. I cannot even count the number of times custom metadata vanished or playlists are lost - and now a custom collection. I have iCloud sync on but that never seems to matter.

What gives guys? This is a solid app to stream my own content but these issues make it also horrible.

Why of course?

Beta testing can only do so much and this didn’t come up during the testing as far as I know. Can you submit a diagnostic code?

Is it possible that you created the collection with playlist items instead of navigating to the original items in the shares and when you deleted the playlists the collection no longer saw the items in the playlist?

I did in fact do it as you described. I have restarted Infuse with the playlists deleted and the custom collection seems to have remained intact.

As I mentioned in my OP, these are common issues inexperience, for example with metadata, or playlists that simply vanish when I update the share. I was under the impression that these custom tweaks were stored somewhere - but I have had to retweak my collection more times than I can count. Just the simple act of replacing my Mac makes me have to almost start over from scratch with the 800 items on that Drobo.

I still cannot think of another app that is remotely as slick and useful for the Apple TV - it would just be nice if these settings were cloud stored for real.


Just as a test, you may want to as soon as you start Infuse, go to the settings page for Library and watch the messages on the left side. Wait till it goes through the icloud sync and then shows "Last Updated…) message and just let it sit for a minute or two. If it stays on that last updated message then all should be good but I’ve seen that sometimes it has to do a few cycles of iCloud sync to get everything backed up. If it cycles a few times just wait till it lands on the last updated message for a few minutes just to be sure.

You may want to make sure that in the ATV settings you have the background app refresh turned on and Infuse is turned on then turn off as many of the other apps as possible. This will give Infuse the best chance to update when it’s not open. That’s made a big difference on my ATVs keeping up with each other.

Thank’s for this.

Things seem to be as they should .