Custom artwork suddenly dosen't work

I’ve been using Infuse for a while now. I’m running Infuse 5 (as I remember).

I’m using custom artwork for my homemade videos, and this has been working like a charm, until recently. Now, when I’m naming a video - fx “new video.mp4” - and my custom artwork the same “new video.jpg”, this will not show as a icon for the video on Infuse.
I’m using the same proportions, file type and everyting else, but now it will just not show.

What is wrong?

What version of Infuse are you using and is it the free version or pro? Also what operating system and which device?

Not sure if there is any help for V5 anymore due to it’s age and changes in more recent operating systems.

I’m running 5.9.6 Pro on a Apple TV, A1625, tvOS 14.6

I don’t understand why it suddenly stop working, when it’s been working for years

Does the video have embedded artwork possibly and you have that setting enabled? But I was thinking external would override that.

Could you provide an example of a file name and graphic name that used to work and now doesn’t? I’ll see if I can duplicate what your seeing.

It’s my own video material, so no external artwork is available…

I don’t really have any “before and after”, but picture number one is a video I made from april-june, and it’s working fine. Picture number II is from Oktober - December, and thats not working. If I copy the picture from “April - June” and rename that to “test” fx and then rename the video for “Oktober - December” to test as well, then it’s working.

This would assume, that there is something wrong with the proportions on the picture number two, but when I open both in Photoshop they are totally identical.


I have now installed the Infuse 7, and it’s still the same: new videos can’t use custom artwork, old videos can…

What size (in pixels and KB/MB) is this image?

Can you post it here (or send via PM)?

Hi James

1000 x 1500 px, file size varies from 700 kb - about 1,5 mb.