Custom Artwork for favourites

How do you add custom artwork for favourites in the new update I thought it would be the same as the Apple TV but there is no reference in what to call it favourite-iOS.png??? And what are the sizes it needs to be?

So it needs to be favourite.png

Another question can you add custom artwork to a share folder? If so how?
Also if not can we hide it in the settings menu abit like the Apple TV so you can’t see the share on the main screen

More info on adding artwork for folders and favorites can be found here.

An option to hide the root folder will be available soon.

Hey @james - Do I understand correctly that custom art (folder.png) for a favorites folder is only visible in “list” view? Otherwise it just shows the start icon? I really hope I am just doing something wrong and that that is not the case?

Thanks and thanks for such a great product,