Custom artwork for favourites on Apple TV For Emby Share

Having very recently moved to Infuse from Plex on my Apple TV, I’m still trying to configure it for my preferences.

I’m trying to change the artwork on my favourites but none of the guides I’ve found seem to work. I’ve put a png file named favourite in the same directory as the library the favourite is for, but that doesn’t work. I’ve also long pressed on the favourite, selected ‘Select Artwork’, and navigated to the library directory where the png file exists, but Infuse can’t see that file. What am I doing wrong?

FYI my Infuse is pointed to an Emby server if that makes any difference.

It’s not supported for Media Server share. What you cando, is add your media folder as a share, with a long click on the on your favorites, when can navigate your share and the pick the png file

Thanks for your reply. I mentioned in my original post that I tried a long press > Select Artwork, navigated to the directory where the png file was present, but cannot see that file. Is there something I need to change in Infuse to see the png file?

Did you add the share as a plain folder (with smb) or only with Emby?

Just with Emby. I don’t have any libraries managed directly by Infuse.

You need add a share with smb, even if it’s not use for library management. You will be able to navigate and see all the files

Emby share is only showing the video files


That did it! Thanks for your help!

No problem, my pleasure :+1:

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