Custom artwork for favorites folder using Plex

I can’t figure out how to change the artwork for my Favorites folders. I’ve tried placing “favorite-atv” files in each of with no luck. When I manually try to select artwork, the jpg or png files in each folder aren’t shown as options I can select.

I’d imagine this has something to do with me only using the Plex share. Do I also have to setup SMB to see the jpg/png files?

Don’t know if plex matters but have you tried the instructions here? Adding Custom Favorite Artwork (tvOS) – Firecore

When you browse it doesn’t drop you in the folder, you have to drill down to the folder that holds the artwork first, then select it.

The problem is not bringing up the folder, it’s the jpg/png files are not visible at all. It only shows the video files.

So when you click on “Artwork” it doesn’t show any jpg or png files?

Correct. Doesn’t matter which folder I put them in.

The other thing that you may want to try just naming the artwork “folder.jpg” and put it in the favorite folder you want that artwork for.

Otherwise it very well may have something to do with it being a plex share. You could always as a test create a SMB share and see if that does what you want.

I had the same problem. So I have made a smb connection, too (without adding any favorites folder for this share). So I was able to set the pictures for my plex favorites folder.