Custom Artwork, a new bug

Hi all, I found a new bug when using custom artwork, here’s the scenario:

In TMDB some movies (more likely Concert movies) have poster but no fanart background, so if you don’t want a black background, the only way is to use your own fanart image.
But, if you do so, Infuse will use that fanart also for the poster image, instead of using the poster image which is present on TMDB.
At this point the only workaround is to manually download the right poster image and use it, because infuse doesn’t pickup the image from TMDB when there is a custom fanart in the movie folder.

Do you have a specific movie as an example?

Yes, you can try this if you want to test:

or this

Both of them have posters and no backdrops


Interesting observation #2

If you label the fanart as just “fanart.jpg” instead of “Calvary-fanart.jpg” inside the Calvary folder it WILL use it as a background.

AND as the poster! LOL

Seem to be a glitch afoot.

This is NOT the guy from Mr. Mercedes! LOL

Have you by any chance tried uploading a background to TMDB? Just make sure it meets their specs if you do.

@james Any idea of how to remedy this?

This is what it looks like without fanart added to the movie folder since TMDB has no backgrounds for this movie.

I always use the suggested label (Calvary-fanart.jpg) and every time it’s used as poster as well (but there’s a poster on TMDB).
Never tried the “fanart” label, but anyway it’s a bug.

Yes, it’s the detective in Mr. Mercedes…great movie. (Calvary) :smiley:

Hmm, will take a look here.

This has been resolved in the 6.4.3 update which is available today.

Thanks for your patience.

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