Cursor on screen during DVD playback

It just showed up after upgrading to 3.2.3 in the upper left corner. Any idea how to get rid of it or at least move it off screen?


What resolution is your TV?

If 1080, navigate to DVD > Settings > Mplayer arguments and add the following 2 lines


This will improve your playback resolution and should get rid of the ‘target’ that is currently showing.

It’s not the little target, it’s an actual mouse pointer. It’s about 4" from the left and 3" from the top so changing the aspect ratio isn’t going to help.


Am I the only one that has this cursor on the screen?

I have gotten it in 3.3.2 … did You manage to remove it?

Mine just disappeared on it’s own.

It was an actual mouse pointer so what I was going to try was following the steps in the knowledge base post and hook up a USB mouse and move it off the screen.