Cursor disappearing on right side of "Mark as Watched"-Button (local metadata)

I still don’t get the licences thing exactly, and to be honest, I couldn’t care less as long as everyone’s happy and everything works. it’s not like it hurt or something.

but what really DOES hurt is the bug (probably) I’m experiencing on apple tv 4k 3rd gen.:
whenever I enter the “watching” section, I can only mark one file as watched (from the files that use local metadata)! when I try to mark the next as watched, the “cursor” just gets lost when i try to hit the upper colums like play, watched status etc… it’s not highlighting anything and you can’t bring it back to the lower column (list)… only the back button is working so I have to go back to the main screen, enter the watching section again and do this with every single local-metadata-file all over again.
as I’m using infuse primarily to check quality and compare different settings on upscaling projects (local metadata) these days, I have to clear (as in mark as watched) a lot of files all the time. so this issue has rendered infuse pretty much useless, because I’m definitely not gonna repeat the steps above like 50 times a day.

anyone else has this issue? tried all the standard stuff except reinstalling infuse. that’s a last measure of resort as I don’t have any interest in facing rebuild time of a 16 gig metadata cache for like the 10th time. :frowning:

//sorry, I wasn’t thinking in the heat of the battle :laughing: thank you for moving the post!

update: oook… as far as I can tell by now, the issue is reaching far beyond the watched section. it’s everywhere with local metadata files. movie or show folders don’t seem to be affected. (oh, smb-share by the way if that helps)
definitely gonna revert to 7.5.1 tomorrow. damn I really hoped I never have to deal with testflight again…

The issue or bug is much simpler explained and to reproduce:

ATV 3rd Gen. 128GB
In detail view (I’m using classic view), moving the cursor between the upper row (watched status, trailer, delete file, edit metadata etc.) and the lower row (other files in that folder / list) up and down works just fine with movies and tv shows (as in online-fetched).
With home videos and such (not using online metadata) however, I can move the cursor up and down only with the file I entered detail view from the folder. As soon as I select another (local metadata) file and hit the upper column, the cursor gets lost (not highlighting anything) and doesn’t react to anything but the back button. Happening since newest update 7.5.2.

Is no one else experiencing this? Could someone with home videos or similar pls try to reproduce this, as it won’t take even a minute? It’s really driving me nuts.
Thanks in advance.

Are you able to capture a video of what you are seeing?

Thanks for taking the time. I made a quick video showing the issue.

@james I was able to narrow it down. I said “the cursor gets lost” for a lack of better words for it, but that’'s what actually happens. It gets lost on the right side of the “Mark as Watched” button. I made another video where you can see: With the first three files, moving up and down the rows works fine, because they are on the left or under the “Mark as Watched” button. At the fourth file it gets lost, because it’s on the right side of the button. The last one shows, that it has nothing to do with the upper or lower columns, but with the button: As soon as I try to move right from the MaW-Button, the cursor disappears again. Strange…

Oh and btw: It doesn’t seem to affect the Trailer-Button, which would be at the same space, that’s why it works fine with TV Shows and Movies.

issue is fixed in newest update, thank you very much!

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