Currently watching list resetting

This happened few times with various Infuse versions. I’m just reporting it now. Sometime I open Infuse and my “Currently watching” list is empty. Actually I have also got the case were the “Recently added” list was empty as well, and on top of that I even had a couple of times Infuse reloading the whole library with all metadata.

Anyway, regarding the “Currently Watching” list. Since the info of last watched videos (with the date and position/last episode) is stored somewhere in Infuse, would it be possible to have a way to refresh it and put everything in the correct order? Maybe it could be added at the end of the library refresh.

Also, since we are here, I wouldn’t mind to have two different sections, one for Movies and one for TV Shows. Maybe the Top Shelf could stay as it is, but I’d love the option to put the new sections in the new 5.7 UI. Or it would help simply adding the sorting option for last watched in the “TV Shows unwatched” (not sure in English) section.

Sorry for the trouble.

We’re looking into a few similar reports, and hope to have some improvements available in the upcoming 5.7.2 update.

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All right, thanks James!

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