Currently watching list deleted when Infuse was reinstalled

I have two devices that run Infuse. An AppleTV4 that works like a treat and also my iPhone that I only install Infuse on as a curiousity. Both devices are linked to my Trakt account and are also logged into the same iCloud account. A couple of days ago, I replaced my phone with an new iPhoneXR. After reinstalling all my apps, I clicked on Infuse to freshly scan my library onto the XR.
The library scan went fine, but I noticed that my currently watching list had disappeared and was replaced with a large Infuse logo.

When I checked my AppleTV, it had now also synced from the iPhone and deleted the currently watching history. Shouldn’t the history have synced across from the iCloud data or at least synced from the Trakt information.

More of an annoyance as everything else works great. Any thoughts anyone or has someone else seen this behaviour before …

Infuse should sync your Up Next list (In Progress + Recently Added) to iCloud, which will then sync to all your other devices.

This has some limitations in certain cases, and we’ve started re-writing the entire iCloud Sync portion of the app for Infuse 6, which will allow us to provide a much better experience.

Thanks James. The iCloud sync seemed to work fine as all my share information came across automatically. It was just the In Progress list that got zapped which then was reflected back on to the AppleTV.
My concern is that I would have thought my Trakt account would provide back to Infuse the actual watched status of all material. In this case, the partially watched status of movies and the like.

BTW, great to hear that Infuse 6 is underway !!!

Yes, Infuse will retrieve the actual watched status of your files from Trakt, though this won’t really affect whether or not these appear in the Watching section as this list is synced via iCloud.

Lots of good things to come. :slight_smile:

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