Current situation and some feature questions

Any chance of the current situation begin summarised here?

I've tried a tethered jailbreak (as detailed in the pre-install instructions), and it didn't work, I'm assuming because of version incompatibilities. Also, the youtube video demonstrating how to do it starts off with him already having a 4.2.1 bundle, with few details of where to get that from.

It's also not clear to me whether firecore provides a upnp client.




1. Can the pre-install instructions be updated ?

2. What is the status of the atv beta with regards to including the jailbreak process within the install process? 

3. Is there a upnp client included, or is that a proposed future feature?

4. Any prospect of including iPlayer support -





can only speak to part of what your saying. no you cant jailbreak with those instructions. check my only posts and a few others.

if your using mac 10.6 you should have no trouble tethered jailbreaking

.I havent found a upnp client here or plex of anywhere id like to use playON but cant find a way.

pm me if you want so help with a jailbreak after youve read some old posts

XBMC is a UPNP client.  So if you can get XBMC to run, then you can get a UPNP client.  Not sure if anyone had success with this yet.