CrystalHD install question

OK, I've got the xxx15 CrystalHD card,

I've got Davila's Crystal-for-OSX-3.6.0 files dl'd to my Mac from his Google project-hosting pages, ready to upload to my ATV,

I've read pretty much everything I could find on the forums here, including the fireCore Kb on Crystal HD

It's all ready to go, but...I'm trying to reconcile Davila's files, which include the Broadcom fw binaries, the BroadcomCrystalD kext, and the libcrystalhd dylib, with the XBMC/Nito procedure described in the Crystal HD Kb.  In particular, is the card firmware and the dylib included in the XBMC/Nito setup procedure?  Can it really be as simple as installing the hardware and executing the instructions in the Crystal HD Kb?  Or do I need to 'prep' the card with firmware before I begin anything else?

Thanks for any advice!  Tom

PS: One more question: will this video accelerator help with Flash video under Boxee's Firefox browser?  (i'm hoping to access Hulu content at some point)

 Thought I'd answer my own post and share my experience installing and setting up the card.

First off, with my setup, things worked flawlessly.  It really was as easy as the firecore Kb indicated it would/should be.  Installing the card was a breeze.  Using the Kb on the Broadcom card, I installed the driver and kext without a problem (minor peeve...the lack of feedback upon clicking the kext auto-load option, it doesn't change appearance or change cursor location or throw up a confirmation message.  You take it on faith that the kext is enabled.)

I then installed the svn xbmc file on top of my existing xbmc installation.  Again, no problems.  Went into System>Video>Playback and hey presto!...the CrystalHD card was already recognized and enabled.

Where did I spend most of my time?  Figuring out that I needed to change the ATV MAC address in my router's ip list, from the now-missing wireless card, to what ATV calls 'ethernet id', aka a NIC MAC address.  Only then was my ATV able to connect to the internet and dl the iTunes movie library previews, though the lan was readily accessible.

Subsequent 'testing' showed that indeed XBMC 'Dharma' launched and played back my networked video files (avi, mov, mp4) and dvd's (video_ts) much more reliably and quickly.  Playback was flawless (though I must say, even wireless-ly ('n/g' wifi) I never had much of a problem with video playback)

The biggest downer? (for me) the accelerator does nothing to improve Flash-content streaming from Boxee, ie Hulu.

(I seem to recall hearing Boxee is working on getting its app to recognize the Broadcom card.  Is this true?)

Other than that, I've been pleasantly surprised how smoothly everything went.  Thanks Firecore for providing the accessibility, XBMC for providing the Crystal implementation, and Davila for compiling and packaging the drivers!  My ATV is (very close to) an ultimate media center!