Crystal HD Worked Under Nito

Ok, So I installed the Crystal HD chip in my ATV. I set the rendering in XBMC to Crystal HD and then played a 1080p file (H.264) that I ripped from Blu-ray. It only had 2 channel audio, but it is a 3 GB to 4 GB file. FYI: I used Pavtube’s Blu-ray Ripper to rip and transcode.

XBMC is (to my knowledge) the only thing that can utilize Crystal HD. However the XBMC playback was jerky with the latest nightly build. Just for kicks, I played the same file in Nito and it played perfectly.

The file was placed in the Movies folder in case that matters.

So, any idea why or how Nito utilized the Crystal HD chip (if it did)? I read the release notes in Nito and saw nothing about Crystal HD support.

So, on to my final question: Is it possible for Nito to read files from the iTunes library? Especially when the iTunes library is on an external HD hooked up via USB?

Many thanks,