Crystal HD don't work with 4.1.4

Hello from Germany

Crystal HD don’t work with 4.1.4. Why?

Only Factory Restore. Because ATV-Flash Update 4.1.4 don’t work (Black Screen) and Remove Remote HD App don’t work.

Factory Restore now finished - But now Crystal HD don’t work.

XBMX 9.11 Nightly Update the is only “Software” “GLS” and “ARB” and NO “BroadcomCrystalHD” like before (xbmc-r28256-trunk-x86.dmg) or up-to-date r31632. I change it with Cyberduck.

Than I follow this:

  1. Ensure you are running the latest XBMC/Boxee Launcher (update through Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu).
  2. Download the latest XBMC svn build through the XBMC/Boxee --> Downloads menu.
  3. Download the Crystal HD drivers through Maintenance --> Install Extras
  4. Run Smart Installer (if not already done)
  5. Navigate to nitoTV --> Settings --> Utilities --> Kernel Extension Manager. Highlight the BroadcomCrystalHD.kext, press the right arrow and select ‘add to rc.local’.
  6. Restart the AppleTV, launch XBMC (xbmc-r28256-trunk-x86.dmg)and change the following settings in XBM under System --> Video --> Playback
    a) --> Render Method. Change “Auto” to “Broadcom Crystal HD”.
    b) --> Use Pixelbuffer Objects. Turn “on”.
    c) --> Adjust Display Refresh Rate to match Video. Turn “on”.
    d) --> SyncPlayback to Display. Turn “on”.
    e) --> A/V Sync Method: "Audio Clock"or “Drop Dupe”
  7. Enjoy 1080p playback.

I would have only made no Upgrade.