Crushed blacks on HDR sources displayed on SDR TV and projector


I’ve tried Infuse 5.6.11 on an Apple TV 4k on both my non-HDR 4k TV (Sony 65S9005B) and my non-HDR 1080p projector (JVC X30).
Using UHD Blu-ray as an HDR test source, the blacks are completely crushed compared to the “simple” Blu-ray.
Even pushing the brightness very high does not “uncrush” the blacks and a lot of details in are simply missing in dark scenes.

I’ve tried both ycbcr and RGB hight, exact same results.

Is this a known issue ?

Thank you !

This is a known issue. See: Calibration HDR (Masciola) is not working

Thx, I’ve now found the search :slight_smile: