Cross-Device Subtitle Synchronization

Hi Infuse Team,I am an avid user of the Infuse video player and greatly appreciate the continuous improvements you bring to our viewing experience. I would like to humbly offer a suggestion that I believe could further enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of the player.

Cross-Device Subtitle Synchronization: Enhancing Infuse with the ability to synchronize the “imported” subtitle page across devices would be a game-changer. it would be fantastic if Infuse could synchronize the “imported” page, which contains all the subtitle files a user has imported, across different devices.For example, let’s say I import a whole season of subtitle files for the TV series “Six Feet Under.” Within that season, there might be multiple versions of subtitle files for the same episode, such as “s01e01 bluray zh.ass” and “s01e01 webdl.ass.” In this case, Infuse should intelligently detect and display all the subtitle files associated with that particular episode across multiple devices. These subtitles would then be conveniently accessible within the subtitle section of the video player on each device.

I believe they could make a significant positive impact on how we all enjoy our favorite content. Thank you for your dedication to making Infuse the best video player it can be.


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Nevermind,infuse kind of does that already. You’ve got to click on the subtitles you want from the imported page to load them into your current video. Give it a moment, or hit the iCloud sync button, and voila! Those subtitles should pop up on your other devices.

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