Cropping on Apple TV 4K

Hey y’all. I’m on an apple TV 4k running TVos 17+, with infuse 7.6.5, streaming from an emby server on a late 2012 Mac Mini. The last one not relevant.

Some times when i want to watch a movie the UI gets cropped so i can’t see what I’m on… this happens ONLY in Infuse! I was wondering what might be the issue?

link to photos and issue:

What is the zoom setting of your TV set to? Are there any adjustments to the overscan or screen positioning settings (if present)?

What are the similar settings in your AppleTV’s Video settings?

What output resolution and video format is your Apple TV set to?

Do you have either of the match content (resolution and/or video format) Apple TV settings enabled?

When you press the INFO button on your TV remote while playing content from your Apple TV main menu, does your TV display the incoming and/or current video resolution and format?

Does that change when playing content from Infuse?

This sounds like it may be the Apple TV bug which appears when using certain TV models which do not support Dolby Vision.

Disabling the ‘Extended Dolby Vision’ option found in Infuse > Settings > Playback should resolve this.

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