Crop/scaling issues on secondary screens

Hi, really great to have the first version already here!

One small thing, for now, is that if I move the player window from main display (iMac) to secondary display, the image inside player window is misplaced, entering and leaving full screen does not fixes it.

This is more a question, why do the application needs to contact to external NTP servers? Cannot work with current Mac date/time?

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MacBookAir M1 - Big Sur

Al reproducir en un monitor externo la imagen se recorta y en lugar de cambiar de tamaño la ventana y ajustar el video al tamaño cambia el tamaño del recorte. Y como ya han comentado antes desaparecen los controles de video.

Google Translate:

When playing on an external monitor the image is cropped and instead of resizing the window and adjusting the video to size, the size of the crop changes. And as they have already commented before, the video controls disappear.

On Big Sur 11.2 , when I launch a video and move the window to another screen with a different resolution, the video is badly cropped. Launch screen: 2560 x 1440
2nd screen: 3840 x 2160
(1st screenshot is second screen on my post)

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This should be resolved in the alpha 2 build.

Please let us know if you see any other issues in this area. Thanks!

Now works perfect!!!


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