Creating miniseries in Emby

Hey James :wink:

I have a Question about Emby and how to set up a Miniseries.

I found out it’s necessary to set a Genre „Miniseries“, that the Series is correctly recognized as Miniseries!

But the Problem is:
It’s only work with the English Genre-Tag „Miniseries“, but the German Word „Miniserie“ is not recognized… Is this a Bug?

Ok, but is this a Bug?

Pretty sure I read him say elsewhere that presently this feature only works in English.

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I can’t believe this, because Infuse has always been a multilingual app :wink::+1:

It really doesn’t matter if you believe it.

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This is really bad :frowning:
I think I’ll stick with “Direct Share” and hope that Infuse will finally bring NFO-Support for TV-Shows sometime.

Thanks for finding and linking to the source. :+1:t3:

As he included the qualifier “ (yet)”, we can presumably infer that Firecore intends to make this feature multilingual in the (near?) future.

Frankly I just don’t understand how something so functionally inconsequential as whether the season title of a single-season series is displayed as “season 1” or “miniseries” got rolled out before so many other highly anticipated, long-roadmapped and oft-pushed-back features that would actually improve and/or fix the app’s core functionality … but such is the way of things around here.


Items in Emby/Jellyfin which are fetched from TMDB have a standard ‘Mini-series’ tag in on the server which is not visible (or editable) in the UI, but can be read by Infuse. This is a language neutral tag, so it will work no matter the language your server/device is set to use.

Adding support for additional ways to manually tag items as miniseries isn’t planned at the moment.


Hi James :wink:
Could you please tell me one Title for a Series which is invisible tagged as „Miniseries“?

Then I can try to use this Title on Emby as „ground“ and modify the Metadata :wink::+1:

I think that “11 22 63” should work.

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Can anyone help me to setup a Series as Miniseries with Emby?

It’s not working with this „invisible“ Tag…

Which series I could use as an example to tag it with this invisible Tag as Miniseries?