Creating library out of networked files

Hi all, just downloaded the Infuse Pro version for iPad.

I didn’t manage yet to create a library out of files shared via Samba. I managed to add the share, however I need to navigate to my content with the file browser of the app for it to stream on the device. I would like to see the files in the library and download the metadata out of the networked files instead, without needing to download them onto the device to see them managed in the Library.

I use samba and dlna to share the files across my network.

Is there a way to do that? Thanks.

This is exactly what I am doing… When connected via samba or DLNA, it’s putting together the library for me using embedded metadata. All of my files are m4v, by the way, if that makes any difference.

Hi. I didnt get it: did you manage to create the library and see the movies or do you still see them all as files?

Do you have ‘List View’ activated in your settings? I browse a WD NAS drive from my iPad and iPhone and see them all in a library view with metadata etc.