Create the option to replace the white title in the lower left corner with the logo

No, but you can do the opposite and hide the logos from movies titles (separately from television titles, or both together), which is what I wound up doing, because the redundancy got on my nerves.

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:frowning: Probably gonna have to do that as well :cry:

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Oops. Did not see that there is already an existing thread🙈

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It happens. No worries.

“Hearted” - this is such a logical option to have.

Infuse has such a clean look with its layout, all the metadata and buttons at the lower portion of the screen, a nice opacity is applied under that information so it visually blends with the background art, until you turn on the logo and it is jarringly deposited in the upper left hand corner without regard for aesthetics and design philosophy.

The logo obscures the background art AND redundantly provides information (movie title.)

Having an option to replace the white text with the logo makes sense.

While we are at it would be great if we could also have a toggle to hide the “on data source” text that is located above the movie title. I only have one data source via the Plex library. No need for that info to be on the screen, it’s just clutter in that case.

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The way these suggestion threads work, you’ll want to start a new thread for this new suggestion.

I also think it makes perfect sense. But it’s been almost 18 months since I made this suggestion and so far, there’s been no response from the Firecore team. I’m afraid it’s something that will never be implemented.

We can always hope :slight_smile: maybe my :heart: and post will remind them that this relatively simple toggle could make a pretty big visual impact.