Create the option to replace the white title in the lower left corner with the logo

I don’t disagree, but their are inherent differences between the 10-foot, remote control powered UI and a desktop UI that require consideration. The number and size of the interface buttons and minimum text-size constraints, for example.

The size of the title font, if moved to the right of the buttons, will probably be too small to stand out as distinctly as it does in the Mac version (especially for the folks who already have difficulty making out the more stylized logos).

I don´t mean changing the interface buttons, just put the white title smaller with the synopsis and put the logo in the lower left corner, like the Mac app. Just that.

That’s what I mean. If you make the title font smaller, people won’t be able to easily read it.

You’ll also have to reduce the size of all the other fonts (details, synopsis) to maintain the relative scaling of font-size between the various sections (header/sub-header/body), and then the smallest text will absolutely be too small to be legible.

Or, you move the title to the right, but don’t make it smaller, and you have logo text next right next to title text. Still ugly; and I think probably worse.

Or you move the title text right, and down — to where the details currently are displayed. That pushes the details down, and that pushes the synopsis down … right off the screen.

Don’t think it’s workable.

I like the setup on the Mac … but look at both images you posted at the same size; and note how much tinier the buttons and text are on the Mac. It works on a computer monitor you are sitting two feet away from, but you can’t get away with such dense formatting on a TV across the room.

I understand what you mean, that’s why I think the best thing is to have the option to choose between having the logo or the white letters. There´s already the possibility to choose between so many things in the settings, is it really that difficult to create one more option?
And I understand those who prefer white text over the logo so they can read the title better, but is it really that hard to read a logo? Movie posters, streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, HBO Max etc, they all use a logo instead of plain white letters and no one seems to have a problem reading the logo.

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I agree. But I also see why doing so will lead to excessive cluttering of the settings page (if they make this exception, theyI’ll have to keep making more) just to satisfy some of us.

Currently we have the option to show or not show the logos. Which means, we can accept their implementation of the new feature, or reject it and stay as we were. I’m grateful for that. I’m really glad I’m not forced to accept a subjectively ugly, undesired Increase in clutter.

Or, make the new “Show Logos” settings option pop-up really wordy with two new additions :crazy_face::

On, and Replace Movie Title Text
Movies Only
Movies Only, and Replace Movie Title Text
TV Only

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It doesn’t have to be forced on everyone. Literally all that needs to be done is make it optional. A simple checkbox “Replace Movie Title with Logo”… and everybody will be happy. The only time problems arise is when a new feature is introduced and NOT made optional. You can’t please everyone, that’s for sure.

I feel like the logo being at the top left feels a bit unnatural and makes the whole artwork look like the text-based art that some people despise.
Not sure why @james deviated abit from the original suggestion

All streaming services thta i checked have the text replaced by the logo




Apple TV

INFUSE :slight_smile:


I feel that’s a bit unnatural too. Don’t get me wrong, I really love having the logo it’s just feels odd and a bit redundant to have the logo and the white letters. And, as you mentioned, all streaming services and movie posters have a logo and not white text so I don’t see how having just the logo is a problem.
And that last image you posted of how infuse could look like… Just look how beautiful, modern and clean it looks with just the logo at the bottom!


Agreed. I think for those who likes logos (including myself here) would prefer to replace it by the white title instead of putting it far away from the rest of the information.


I honestly thought that the logo would replace the white text and was a little bummed out when I saw that it wasn’t the case. Still like to see the logo there, I just think it would be much better to have it replace the white text. Let’s hope this can be changed in a future update.


These logo are all English only so Infuse should take International users into account if they’re going to implement this feature, better make “replace title with logo” an option.

Because of the people who as trouble reading logos and International users, I also think the “replace title with logo” option is the best solution to everyone. Make it happen Firecore!

Or leave it as is where both are there and everyone can still read the info and enjoy the logo.

Also shrinking the font size is a REAL bad idea. Users with visual impairment would most likely be affected even more.

Not everyone views Infuse as a single watcher. Families that have both members with good vision and also members that have less than optimal vision should be able to use the product together without sacrificing for one or the other.

I have disabled logos on movies. Looks weird having both so prominently. It isn’t “enjoyed by everyone”.

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Or create an extra option to have only the logo. We already have two options:

  • Have only the white text
  • Have both the white text and logo

We just need a third option:

  • Have only the logo

There, problem solved to everyone.

In which scenario or use case do you reach the details screen and still not know what movie you’re on? I can’t agree that the white text is needed for accessibility.


Exactly. I´ve always wanted the logos. It would make Infuse look more modern and clean. To have both looks weird and redundant.


Every streaming service and movie poster uses only the logo. If people have no problems with logos on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, movie posters etc, why would they have problems on Infuse?


For one, when your not the person controlling the remote. Then you’re looking at say the list of recently added movies etc. Again, I have no problem with the addition of an additional setting to give one or the other or both but I’m just voicing a request to not get rid of the text and show logo only.

I understand that’s not the specific request but I too have a “need” and wanted to add my concerns to the thread. We don’t all use the product in the same way and we don’t all gather info by looking at the same screen or section.

Just saying I don’t want to “Replace” the title, unless there’s the option to have it or not.

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Even though I have no problem with replacing the title with the logo, I said more than once that the best is to create the option to have or not the logo instead of the white text. Like I said, we already can choose between having the white text or both the logo and white text, we just need a third option where we can have only the logo.

You literally quoted the suggestion of having the option to replace text with logo, and said you wanted it left as it is. :person_shrugging: