Create the option to have the subtitles at the bottom of the image regardless of the aspect ratio

Hello everyone. In certain apps like Plex or MrMC there´s an option to have the subtitles at the bottom of the image instead of having numeric options (-1, 0, +1 etc) to raise or lower the subtitles like in Infuse. When a movie is 2.39:1 I like to have the subtitles in the image and not on the black bars, but in a 1.78:1 movie the height of the 2.39:1 subtitles is too high and I have to lower the subtitles (or raise them) every time I watch a movie with a different aspect ratio.
It would be nice if Infuse also had this option, because then the subtitles would always appear at the bottom of the image regardless of the aspect ratio of the movie/series.


Anyone from Firecore willing to say if this suggestion is something worth considering?

Once suggestions get a significant number of :heart: from other users and are in the business interest of infuse they may be implemented. Not everything gets implemented, though, and not all suggestions even get a response from firecore.

Got it. Thank you.

When playing a movie on the vlc app on Apple TV and turning on subtitles… when the movie contains a black bar from the top and a black bar from the bottom… it automatically puts the movie subtitles inside the movie frame at the bottom… and when playing a full screen movie it does not contain A black bar at the top and bottom … It automatically puts the subtitles at the bottom

But in Infuse, when playing a movie, there is always a black bar at the top and bottom, and I put the number 3 +

And when playing a movie in full screen I put the number 1+

Why don’t we make an automatic option, for example, it becomes like this


We make a new (auto) option :+1:


I´ve already made the same suggestion. Plex, MrMC, Kodi… They all have this feature.

Thanks for the help! I thought I remembered seeing this but was not having much luck searching. :+1:

Moved your post to a already running thread requesting this feature.

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It’s annoying. With every movie play we change the position of the subtitles

The problem is there are important suggestions

But the like are few

I think everyone is interested in his problem

There are many interesting topics

(administration and programmers appreciate it)

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Plz add auto

What are the latest developments regarding this matter?

@james The Apple TV VLC application always shows subtitles below the movie image automatically, regardless of the movie dimensions

Below the film image, not the black bars

Why don’t we use an option called auto