Create Playlist/Favourite on Home Screen?

I worry this is a stupid question but I was hoping for a link to a KB or quick answer here to help me.

Is it possible to add a playlist to the home screen?

Want I want to do is dig out all the content my daughter watches which is spread across many shares and present in one easy shortcut on the Home Screen which I can call, ‘Sophie’, so it appears next to Films, TV, Library etc?

Is that possible?


After you create the playlist, go to the Library > Playlists > Long press on the playlist you want to appear as a favorite on the home screen and select “Add To Favorites”

That should get you what you’re looking for.


Thank you NC, thats got me all sorted! The family love it!

The only thing I was going to ask is if I am doing something when it comes to adding TV shows, when adding a complete TV show and all its seasons it adds all the individual episodes rather than a link to the show itself where you can then go on to select which Season/EP you want…I mean given that its a playlist I created it kinda make sense it would dump the EP’s like this but is it possible to group items even within a Playlist?

Thank you.

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I believe if you make a custom collection instead, it may behave closer to what you are looking for, with regards to the episodes not being broken out of their series.

(I’ll need to run a test to recall if a singular collection can be added to the favorites bar)

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Yeah I just wanna create the one place for my daughter to go, well for us to go for her…where all the stuff she watches is, films or TV, doesn’t matter if films are listed individually because they stand alone really, but when you add 4 seasons of ‘Hey Duggee’ and ‘Peppa Pig’ you get 1000’s of entries to scroll through to get to the last thing you added. I know I can re-order but the grouping of TV would be great.

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Ah, bummer.

The option to add a custom collection to favorites bar does not exist.

Instead, you are given the option to Pin to Homescreen, which takes up a whole line:

It looked for a moment that you might be able to include a custom collection in a playlist, since that option is presented when you long-press on a custom collection — but if appears to be non-functional (or broken) in my version of Infuse, as selecting a playlist does nothing. :frowning:

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Thanks for testing. Yeah I understand, hmm, I do understand why playlist would break it all out because that’s the nature of play lists.

I’m surprised you can’t add a collection as favourite, seems like something that could be good. The one line isn’t so bad.

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I know you are looking for the “One Location” solution but maybe do a playlist of movies and a collection of TV series and name each with your daughters name and she can spot those two items, a favorite for movies and a scrolling list of TV shows.


Turns out there’s a request for this feature to be added (and I one time knew this, since I participated in the thread :grimacing::man_facepalming:t2:).

It hasn’t gotten a lot of support yet, but you can add yours (by liking :heart: the first post in the thread), and we can hope.

Wow, looks like that suggestion just turned 1 :slight_smile:

I liked and added a prop, fingers crossed.

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Yeah it’s a good idea thanks.

I’ll see how the family get on.

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I found one more related suggestion, though it isn’t yet in the actual suggestions category:

Good luck, my friend. Blue skies…