Create list that opens tv show and not episode?

I have a couple of Plex scripts that updates various playlists each time the Plex library is updated with new content. Just to give you an example it can be a playlist named “Latest added Comedy” that includes the first 20 unseen episodes from recently aired TV shows with genre Comedy, or a similar playlist named “Latest added Child shows” with the latest episodes from TV shows tagged as a child show.

I’ve added these playlists to the Infuse main page and everything works okay, except that Infuse only open the episode and not the episode’s season/TV show. With continues play the next episode will be the next one in the playlist and not the next one for the the season/TV show.

The default “Watched” list that you can add to the main page opens the season instead. Is it possible to have similar behavior with my custom playlists? So each episode in the playlist opens the episode’s season instead.

Playlists are limited to displaying single videos at this time.

We may look at expanding this in the future (with some sort of smart filters like you described) but don’t have an ETA for this right now.

There is an existing thread in the suggestions area you can follow for updates.