Create link between Poster, Fanart, Banner, Thumb and Clearlogo


I don’t know exactly which images are in Infuse Poster, Fanart, Banner, Thumb and Clearlogo.

I am currently using tinyMediaManager and it shows me this selection:

I would like to change the image marked in red. What is it about without me having to try everything.

Maybe someone can please label me the screenshot everything so I can get an illustrated guide.

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The users guide has a good starting point for how to change artwork here.

Thanks Bullseye, this is not the solution I was hoping for. And I know that page you sent me.

I would like to know the name of each picture.

I can only tell what the posters are:

8400eb9c16c8a8f9cd11d1bf128bb613db8d24e0_2_690x389 Kopie

There are only two types. Poster and fanart. Poster is vertical as you labeled. Fanart is horizontal.

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