Create/edit Collections on Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin

Please enable Emby content to be added to Custom Collections. At the moment I can only add direct access content. I assume Plex and Jellyfin content would also need enabling.


Hopefully when built this will allow a mix of sources in the same collection.

I currently am a shared user of a Plex library that is not mine and have it connected to Infuse. There are a bunch of movies and TV shows on the server that I don’t care about.

It doesn’t seem possible to add Plex movies/shows to a custom collection for some reason. Is there another way to add shows and movies to a collection or “favorites” so I can add only the shows/movies I care about?

Basically, I’m looking to create something similar to the Watchlist feature on Plex. I tried using Playlists which is close, but it adds each TV show episode separately which isn’t what I want.

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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Currently, Infuse can read from Jellyfin collections but there is no way to add to them (nor remove videos from collections). It’s important to be able to fully manage collections for them to be useful, otherwise we have to use a different app to manage collections vs solely in Infuse.

Is this on the roadmap?