Create custom TV series using NFO/XML files

Infuse doesn’t support this but I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum requesting that feature to be added.

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Also note that this thread is currently tagged as “planned” so it may not be far off. :wink:

Infuse is very good when it comes to metadata, but sometimes it leaves files as individual episodes even if it recognized the metadata correctly, so to keep my collection organized, i have to use folders (see example screenshot). It would be nice if there in such cases there was an option to create a regular season item manually so they would appear as a single season instead of multiple episodes

This title is listed on TMDB, so it should work if you sort and name the files as a TV series like so:

Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) 
     Season 1
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E01.mkv
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E02.mkv
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E03.mkv
          Adventures of Captain Wrongel (1976) S01E13.mkv

This is the English language alternative spelling.
Of course it will also work if the title is spelled as listed, “Adventures of Captain Vrungel”

Today’s new features email reminded me about this feature and how much I would like to see it implemented. Status has changed to “planned” since the last time I checked… does that mean there’s an actual release date?

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When this finally get implemented? :wink: